Zeolite for Agriculture

Are you the owner of a family farm, cooperative, company, trade, or agricultural pharmacy? If so, we have a special offer tailored specifically to you. Our zeolite-based products offer a wide range of benefits, such as cost savings, healthier and more productive plants, and higher yields. We understand the challenges that come with running an agricultural business and want to help you succeed. 

Zeotex is a 100% organic product for improving plant health and productivity, as well as soil quality. It is obtained through a unique protected VEN technology (vibration-energization-nutrient transfer) and acts as a powerful immune system stimulator and detoxifier. 


Zeotex is a natural, inert, and non-toxic product that can be used as a slow-release preparation. It is extremely effective in improving soil properties and cleaning up contaminated soil. It boosts plant immunity and protects them from diseases and pests. 

Zeotex particles bind nutrients, water, and important microelements with their structural lattice and distribute them to the root system as needed. In various unpredictable situations such as adverse climate conditions, lack of water, sudden sun exposure, and temperature differences, plants are under great stress. 

The preventive use of Zeotex particles in the soil enables uninterrupted plant growth and development, while ensuring significantly higher expected yields. 


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