Ensuring the well-being of soil, animals, food, and the environment with 100% natural zeolite clinoptilolite. 

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Our Story

The accelerated pace of everyday life has become routine, and in all that hustle and bustle, we often neglect care for ourselves and our environment. That's why we wanted products that not only are natural and provide humans with their greatest benefits, but also products that contribute to nature in equal measure.

We truly believe that nature is humanity's greatest wealth, that true strength lies within it, and by respecting its wealth, it brings a lot to humans! With that idea, we came to be - Mevex.


Mevex is a manufacturer of Zeotex products based on 100% natural, ultra-fine zeolite processed by the protected VEN technology. Mevex has its own processing plant, and our products are produced under strict control conditions. From raw material processing to packaging and labeling, communication with you, and preparing shipments to your doorstep - we are involved in the entire process, and that's why we have what's most important to us - faith in our products and love for what we do. Although the idea started much earlier, Mevex Ltd. has been in operation since 2018.

The main raw material of our products is a completely natural volcanic mineral that has a very strong detoxifying and beneficial effect. Zeolite's revolutionary properties in all areas of action are proven by numerous scientific studies conducted around the world. Our products range from those for human use to those for pets, livestock, and agriculture. This is the unique wealth and peculiarity of Mevex - a circle of action that encompasses care for humans, nature, and animals - the most important participants in our lives!