Farmers currently rely on the natural absorbent properties of the bedding they use in rearing. 

This ability depends on weather conditions, animal health, and other external factors. 

Over time, the bedding becomes wet, accelerating the decomposition of animal waste and increasing the concentration of ammonia in the air, which can damage the respiratory organs of animals.

To improve the microclimate and neutralize unfavorable hygiene factors, the use of Zeotex is recommended. 

Zeotex is a completely natural zeolite material with absorbent and ion exchange properties that effectively reduces unpleasant odors and harmful gases, such as ammonia.

WHAT IS zeotex?

Zeotex is a natural, inert, and non-toxic product that can be used as an absorbent for harmful gases and unpleasant odors. 

Zeotex Odor Control consists of 100% natural zeolite mineral, clinoptilolite, whose particles have a cage-like structure that captures unpleasant odors and harmful gases, thus reducing their negative impact on the environment. 

It provides better living and growth conditions for animals and improves working conditions. Zeotex Odor Control is used in pig farms, livestock farming facilities, and poultry houses. 

Benefits of Zeotex Odor Control: 


Application for cattle and pigs: 

Zeotex Odor Control is applied during bedding placement at a ratio of 100-500 g/m2. Bedding should be sprinkled once daily after regular cleaning of the barn.

 Around the feeding area, in more humid environments, or during disease outbreaks, the dosage should be adjusted (increased) to maintain constant dryness of the bedding. 

In more suitable and drier conditions, the dosage can be reduced or applied less frequently if not necessary.

Application for poultry

Zeotex Odor Control is applied as needed at a ratio of 1-2 kg/m2. 

Ensure that the powder is evenly spread. It can be manually scattered after spreading the bedding.