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Ultra-fine natural zeolite clinoptilolite

Unique VEN (vibration-energized-nutraceutical) technology improves Zeotex zeolite activation, in the smallest and most efficient form available today.

Why is Zeotex special?

Zeolite Purity

Zeotex contains 96% clinoptilolite (active substance).

Unique Technology

Zeotex zeolite has a strong energetic charge.

Particle size

Smallest and most effective particle (≈1 micron).

Zeotex detox

We are all bombarded with harmful substances

It’s frustrating and worrying about how our planet is being more and more polluted.

Today, we live in an environment full of harmful substances such as chemicals, pesticides, plastic components, and toxins. Those substances are causing harm to humans, animals, and plants.

While it is impossible to isolate ourselves, we can naturally remove harmful substances from our bodies.

Zeotex zeolite

Zeolites – magic minerals that can heal the planet

Zeolites are 100% natural Earth’s finest filtration material. Known as a magic mineral, they are made of the four elements; water, air, earth, and fire.Zeolites happen when volcanoes erupt and lava reacts with salt as well as, freshwater.

They have rare cage-like structure and negative charge that naturally draws into itself positively charged harmful substances.

Zeotex technology

Unique VEN technology

VEN Technology increases the sponge effect of zeolite by multiplying cages and increasing the surface area.

The art of VEN technology is to get the smallest particle without breaking the cage structure, because of it, zeolite cages can better soak harmful toxins out of the body and release essential minerals.

  • After particles are smaller than 2 microns, we apply energetic force to them that additionally increase efficiency.

  • Zeotex particles are energized and smaller than 2 microns.

Zeotex application

Zeotex Products are BIO certified!

Zeotex bio